About Us

Considering booking our services? Then let us introduce ourselves first!

Amazing Experience

Carpet Cleaning Harrow has been described as reliable and trustworthy by a lot of our customers. That’s because we have always aimed at providing the best experience possible. We don’t only focus on the cleaning, we want our customers to be satisfied by every step – from the moment they contact us to the end of their cleaning.

In order to ensure this, we have gathered an amazing team of professionals that not only have received training but has years of experience.

Our customer service agents are fully trained, know every single detail about our company, and are prepared to answer any questions you might have. They will also provide you with a FREE quote upon contacting us.

Our cleaning technicians are the best in the industry. Not only are they experienced but they are also equipped with the latest modern tools and the most effective detergents. And, of course, since our company has never stopped evolving, our cleaners continue to master the newest cleaning methods. For example, our Carpet Cleaning is performed by using hot water extraction – the most effective and powerful method to safely clean carpets without damaging the fibres.

Affordable Prices

In addition to an amazing experience, we have also focused on our prices. We have always aimed at providing high-quality services at affordable prices because we truly believe that everyone should enjoy their free time and allow professionals to take care of their cleaning chores. After all, cleaning is a huge part of your life and it would be nice if someone else could do it for you, right?

Contact Us Whenever You Want

Our company never takes a break – we work seven days a week. Yes, you can contact us or book a service even on weekends and official holidays, and no – we won’t charge you extra just because it’s a Sunday!

We have a very flexible schedule that allows us to even take short-notice appointments. So if you happen to need your oven cleaned tomorrow – we won’t let you down!