Carpet Cleaning Harrow is a company founded over a decade ago. We are always growing, evolving, and we aim at providing the best services in Harrow.

Why Did We Start?

Ever since we first started, people have always described us as reliable and trustworthy which is very important in our line of work.

Who are we? We are professionals that love helping people. We first founded our company because we truly believe that cleaning shouldn’t be something people waste their free time with. Your cleaning chores play a huge part in your life and whenever you have a day off you probably spend it cleaning your home.

With our services, this can easily change.

Our Team Is Experienced

The most important thing for any business out there is the team. This is why we have invested in our cleaning technicians’ training so they could become the best at what they do. On top of that, they have years of experience and have cleaned over a thousand properties leaving our customers satisfied!

Another thing we invest in is equipment and detergents – another crucial step for achieving amazing results. We use non-toxic detergents that are 100% safe, and we also use the latest tools on the market that are proven to work amazing!

Of course, our customer service agents are also fully trained and they know every single detail about our company.

We Have A Flexible Schedule

Ever since we first started, we have always worked seven days a week. We never take any breaks – even on official holidays, therefore, you can contact us and book our services any day of the week.

If you have any questions or you want to book us then don’t hesitate – contact us and our team will give you any additional information you need about our services. Our customer service agents will also calculate an exact price for your service and can even send the detailed quotation in your e-mail if you need some time to think!

Enjoy Our Services

We want to inform you that all of our services are performed both on a domestic and commercial scale. Our team is equipped and prepared to deal even with the most challenging jobs, therefore, you can count on us to clean your home or your business!

– Oven Cleaning is a very important service that we recommend you book twice a year. Our team will disassemble your appliance and will clean everything separately. They will also focus on the interior and exterior. They will use special detergents to get rid of all build-up, greasy stains, burnt food, and other impurities that are hiding inside your oven. Not only is this good for your health but it’s good for the appliance since a clean oven will have better performance and a longer lifespan!

– Carpet Cleaning is a recommended deep cleaning service for any carpet or rug owner out there. This cleaning is so important because a vacuum cleaner isn’t enough to get rid of all the impurities your carpet absorbs on a daily basis – from dirt, dust to even germs. Did you know that your carpet is a breeding ground for bacteria? If you have a pet or a child that likes to crawl on the ground then Deep Carpet Cleaning should be a priority of yours.

Our team uses steam to extract all of those impurities that are hidden deep inside of the fibres. If there are any stains or discolouration then this service will take care of them and will have a 95% chance of removing them.

– End of Tenancy Cleaning designed to prepare any property for its final inspection and get back your deposit without any issues. Our team specializes in moving out cleaning. They will cover every single room and area on the property leaving it spotless. Not only will they carry a special detailed checklist that has all the necessary chores they should perform but this service also has a 48-hour guarantee for a free re-clean!

– After Builders Cleaning is an hourly-based service that is designed to take care of all the mess the builders have left behind after renovating your home. Our team will remove all rubbish, dirt, dust, leftover paint, and other impurities so that you can enjoy the improvements!